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Type: Artigo
Title: Development of temperature indicator prototype: Cardpaper coated with chitosan intelligent films
Author: Vinicius B. V. Maciel
Cristiana M. P. Yoshida
Telma T. Franco
Abstract: An intelligent and biodegradable material pack- aging was developed based on a natural and thermal-sensitive pigment. Anthocyanin (ATH, 0.50 g/100g) was incorporated into chitosan matrix films (2 g/100g) forming a chitosan intelligent film (C-ATH). The system is able to indicate the variation of temperature during distribution and storage chain of industrial products. The novelty of this work was an alternative packaging material that it is biodegradable and could inform any temperature variations on the range of 40?C - 70?C, by irreversible visual colour changes. The effects of temperature (10?C, 30?C and 50?C) and luminosity (0, 500 and 1000 l×) were analyzed on C-ATH using an experimental design of 2 variables, measuring the colour parameters (L*, a*, b*) and mechanical properties (tensile strength, elongation break and Young’s modulus) as responses. C-ATH suspensions were applied as a coating on cardpaper surface forming a temperature indicator prototype (TIP). C-ATH darkened after being exposed to temper- atures above 50?C and luminosity of 1000 lx for 72 hours. TIP was obtained, without bubbles or defects, with reduced water absorption capacity. Irreversible visual colour change was verified on TIP exposed at 40?C independently of luminosity, turned gradually yellow. Chitosan suspensions containing ATH and applied as a coated on card paper sheets could be an alternative of biode-gradable material for packaging system that indicates efficiently temperature changes. This indicator system has potential application temperature range of 40?C to 70?C, such as food, pharmaceuticals, biological, agricultural and others products, that are highly dependent of storage temperature conditions
Subject: Quitosana
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Scientific Research Publishing
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.4236/jacen.2014.31B002
Date Issue: 2014
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