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Type: Artigo
Title: Flow rate influence in relative permeability curves : dependence with oil viscosity
Author: Domínguez, L. G
Moreno, R. B. Z. L
Abstract: This work aims to evaluate the influence of the flow rate in relative permeability determination, also considering the effect of oil viscosity. Many researchers have focused on flow rate influence in relative permeability curves without obtaining agreement. One of the reasons for that discrepancy is the possible influence of other forces like viscous, capillary and gravitational that can affect the results. Unsteady state displacement experiments were carried out in carbonate core samples, in order to obtain water and oil productions, differential pressure histories. Three different flow rates were used for each oil. Those rates guaranty to balance the forces affecting the flow. Flow rate values were varied in two different sequences, from maximum to minimum and vice versa, to observe if the order of the flow rate variations influences relative permeability curves. Data obtained from the experiments were analyzed using the JBN (Johnson-Bossler-Naumann) method to calculate the relative permeability curves. Under the studied circumstances of this work, it was verified that oil and water relative permeability changes with the flow rate. Residual saturations and permeability corresponding to them also varied with the flow rate. Relative permeability curves showed that flow rate dependency is different according to the oil viscosity used, and this effect generates the different results obtained in the literature
Subject: Permeabilidade
Country: Paquistão
Editor: IJENS
Rights: Fechado
Date Issue: 2016
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