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Type: Artigo
Title: Excess enthalpies for pseudobinary mixtures containing vegetable oils at the temperatures 298.15 K, 353.15 K and 383.15 K
Author: Belting, Patricia C.
Gmehling, Jurgen
Bolts, Rainer
Rarey, Jurgen
Ceriani, Roberta
Chiavone-Filho, Osvaldo
Meirelles, Antonio J. A.
Abstract: This paper presents excess enthalpies for the following systems containing refined vegetable oils: soybean oil + methanol (at 353.15 K/722 kPa), soybean oil + ethanol (at 353.15 K/687 kPa and 383.15 K/653 kPa), soybean oil + n-hexane (at 353.15 K/722 kPa and 383.15 K/756 kPa), soybean oil + propan-2-ol (at 298.15 K/998 kPa), sunflower oil + methanol (at 353.15 K/791 kPa), sunflower oil + ethanol (at 353.15 K/894 kPa and 383.15 K/860 kPa), sunflower oil + n-hexane (at 353.15 K/756 kPa and 383.15 K/894 kPa), sunflower oil + propan-2-ol (at 298.15 K/929 kPa), rapeseed oil + methanol (at 353.15 K/963 kPa), rapeseed oil + ethanol (at 353.15 K/998 kPa and 383.15 K/1136 kPa), and rapeseed oil + n-hexane (at 353.15 K/894 kPa and 383.15 K/1136 kPa). The measurements were carried out with a commercially available isothermal flow calorimeter. The experimental HE values have been correlated using the Redlich-Kister polynomial equation. The results for systems with propan-2-ol and some values of partial molar excess enthalpies at infinite dilution, , obtained in this study have been compared to those available in the literature. The results were also discussed in terms of molecular interactions
Subject: Óleos vegetais
Country: Países Baixos
Editor: Elsevier
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.fluid.2014.04.035
Date Issue: 2014
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