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Type: Artigo
Title: Effect of oxalate desensitizer on the durability of resin-bonded interfaces
Author: Silva, S.M.A.
Malcarne-Zanon, J.
Carvalho, R.M.
Alves, M.C.
De Goes, M.F.
Anido-Anido, A.
Carrilho, M.R.
Abstract: Potassium oxalate desensitizers were previously shown to effectively reduce the immediate permeability of resin-bonded dentin. The current study evaluated whether the effect of the combined application of oxalate with etch-and-rinse adhesives interferes with the durability of resindentin bonds when using etch-and-rinse adhesives. The bond strength of resin-bonded dentin specimens composed of two-step or three-step etch-and-rinse adhesives (Single Bond, One-Step and Scotchbond Multi-Purpose, respectively) was tested immediately (24 hours) and after 12 months of water storage. The adhesives were used either according to the manufacturers' instructions (control groups) or after treating acid-etched dentin with a potassium oxalate gel (BisBlock, BISCO, Inc). The treatment of dentin with potassium oxalate was shown to negatively affect the baseline bond strength of resin-bonded dentin specimens, regardless of the adhesive used (p<0.05). After storage, the bond strength of the resin-bonded interfaces was significantly reduced for all the tested groups (p<0.001). Nevertheless, the rate of decreasing bond strength was significantly lower for oxalatetreated specimens than for the controls (p<0.05).
Subject: Dessensibilizantes dentinários
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: University of Washington/School of Dentistry
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.2341/09-202-L
Date Issue: 2010
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