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Type: Artigo
Title: Electrochemical oxidation of glycine by doped nickel hydroxide modified electrode
Author: Vidotti, Marcio
Torresi, Susana I. Córdoba de
Kubota, Lauro T.
Abstract: The electrocatalytic oxidation of glycine by doped nickel hydroxide modified electrodes and their use as sensors are described. The electrode modification was carried out by a simple electrochemical co-precipitation and its electrochemical properties were investigated. The modified electrode presented activity for glycine oxidation after applying a potential required to form NiOOH (∼0.45 V vs Ag/AgCl). In these conditions a sensitivity of 0.92 μA mmol−1 L and a linear response range from 0.1 up to 1.2 mmol L−1 were achieved in the electrolytic solutions at pH 12.6. Limits of detection and quantification were found to be 30 and 110 μmol L−1, respectively. Kinetic studies performed with rotating disk electrode (RDE) and by chronoamperometry allowed to determine the heterogeneous rate constant of 4.3 × 102 mol−1 L s−1, suggesting that NiOOH is a good electrocatalyst for glycine oxidation. NiOOH activity to oxidize other amino acids was also investigated
Subject: Hidróxido de níquel
Country: Países Baixos
Editor: Elsevier
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.snb.2008.08.007
Date Issue: 2008
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