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Type: Artigo
Title: Anisotropic singularities in modified gravity models
Author: Figueiro, Michele Ferraz
Saa, Alberto
Abstract: We show that the common singularities present in generic modified gravity models governed by actions of the type S=∫d4x√−gf(R,ϕ,X), with X=−12gab∂aϕ∂bϕ, are essentially the same anisotropic instabilities associated to the hypersurface F(ϕ)=0 in the case of a nonminimal coupling of the type F(ϕ)R, enlightening the physical origin of such singularities that typically arise in rather complex and cumbersome inhomogeneous perturbation analyses. We show, moreover, that such anisotropic instabilities typically give rise to dynamically unavoidable singularities, precluding completely the possibility of having physically viable models for which the hypersurface ∂f∂R=0 is attained. Some examples are explicitly discussed
Subject: Teoria de campos escalares
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: American Physical Society
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.80.063504
Date Issue: 2009
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