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Type: Artigo
Title: Influence of post and resin cement on stress distribution of maxillary central incisors restored with direct resin composite
Author: Spazzin, A. O.
Galafassi, D.
Meira-Júnior, A. D. de
Braz, R.
Garbin, C. A.
Abstract: The current study evaluated the influence of two endodontic post systems and the elastic modulus and film thickness of resin cement on stress distribution in a maxillary central incisor (MCI) restored with direct resin composite using finite element analysis (FEA). A three-dimensional model of an MCI with a coronary fracture and supporting structures was performed. A static chewing pressure of 2.16 N/mm2 was applied to two areas on the palatal surface of the composite restoration. Zirconia ceramic (ZC) and glass fiber (GF) posts were considered. The stress distribution was analyzed in the post, dentin and cement layer when ZC and GF posts were fixed to the root canals using resin cements of different elastic moduli (7.0 and 18.6 GPa) and different layer thicknesses (70 and 200 μm). The different post materials presented a significant influence on stress distribution with lesser stress concentration when using the GF post. The higher elastic modulus cement created higher stress levels within itself. The cement thicknesses did not present significant changes.
Subject: Pinos dentários
Restauração (Odontologia)
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: University of Washington/School of Dentistry
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.2341/08-73
Date Issue: 2009
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