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Type: Artigo
Title: Constituents and antiproliferative activity of extracts from leaves of croton macrobothrys
Author: Motta, Lucimar B.
Furlan, Cláudia M.
Santos, Deborah Y. A. C.
Salatino, Maria L. F.
Duarte-Almeida, Joaquim M.
Negri, Giuseppina
Carvalho, João E. de
Ruiz, Ana Lúcia T. G.
Cordeiro, Inês
Salatino, Antonio
Abstract: Croton macrobothrys Baill, Euphorbiaceae, is a tree from the Atlantic Forest in Southern Brazil, used in traditional medicine and popularly known as "dragon's blood" and "pau-sangue". Leaf n-hexane, dichloromethane and methanol extracts were analyzed by GC/MS and evaluated for their in vitro antiproliferative activity on cell lines 786-0 (kidney), HT-29 (colon), K562 (leukemia), NCI-ADR/RES (drug resistant ovary), NCI-H460 (lung), MCF-7 (mammary), PC-3 (prostate), OVCAR-3 (ovary), U251 (glioma) and UACC-62 (melanoma). The dicloromethane extract exhibited activity against all cell lines at the concentration 25 µg/mL, in particular on cell lines NCI-H460 (GI50 0.33 μg/mL) and K5662 (GI50 0.91 μg/mL). Relevant constituents in dichloromethane extract are the alkaloids corydine and salutaridine, as well as the diterpenes geranylgeraniol and crotonin-derived clerodanes
Subject: Alcaloides
Country: Brasil
Editor: Springer
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1590/S0102-695X2011005000174
Date Issue: 2011
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