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Type: Artigo
Title: Adsorption of copper on glass beads coated with chitosan: Stirred batch and fixed bed analysis
Author: Gama, Marlon de S.
Luna, F. Murilo T.
Albarelli, Juliana Q.
Beppu, Marisa M.
Vieira, Rodrigo S.
Abstract: Chitosan is a natural polymer largely studied for heavy metal adsorption applications, since the amino and hydroxyl groups present in its structure can act as chelation sites. However, this material presents some drawbacks as an adsorbent due to its low mechanical strength. Studies have shown that the use of immobilized chitosan on glass beads can improve the mechanical strength of adsorbent and enhance mass transfer properties. For this reason, stirred batch experiments of copper adsorption on chitosan immobilized onto glass beads were performed to estimate the surface diffusion coefficient and the chitosan film thickness, considering an inert solid glass core. The kinetic data were modelled by a surface diffusion model incorporating the external film mass transfer resistance. Column experiments were also performed for copper solution at different flow rates and a film‐surface diffusion model was used to describe the breakthrough adsorption experiments, using the chitosan film thickness estimated from the batch experiment (φ = 2.5 µm). The input parameters for this model were determined by batch experiments or estimated from correlations available in the open literature. The surface diffusion coefficients (0.98–1.72 × 10−10 cm2 · min−1) of copper in the chitosan film for different flow rates were estimated. The experimental data and the model agreed, indicating that the film thickness and the mass transfer parameters were well predicted
Subject: Quitosana
Country: Canadá
Editor: Wiley
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1002/cjce.22813
Date Issue: 2017
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