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Type: Artigo
Title: High pressure solid−liquid equilibrium of fatty alcohols binary systems from 1‑dodecanol, 1‑tetradecanol, 1‑hexadecanol, and 1-octadecanol
Author: Carareto, Natalia Daniele Dorighello
Costa, Mariana Conceição
Meirelles, Antonio José Almeida
Pauly, Jerome
Abstract: The melting temperatures of four fatty alcohols, 1-dodecanol, 1-tetradecanol, 1-hexadecanol, and 1-octadecanol, were measured at atmospheric pressure using a μDSC calorimeter and at higher pressures (up to 80 MPa) thanks to a dedicated microscope. The solid–liquid phase diagrams of six binary mixtures formed by these fatty alcohols, namely, 1-dodecanol + 1-tetradecanol, 1-dodecanol + 1-hexadecanol, 1-dodecanol + 1-octadecanol, 1-tetradecanol + 1-hexadecanol, 1-tetradecanol + 1-octadecanol, and 1-hexadecanol + 1-octadecanol systems, were also measured using high pressure microscopy within the range of 0.1 MPa to 80 MPa. In addition, the phase diagrams of the 1-dodecanol + 1-tetradecanol, 1-tetradecanol + 1-hexadecanol, and 1-hexadecanol + 1-octadecanol systems were also measured by DSC in order to compare the results obtained from the microscopy. On the basis of the experimental data, it could be concluded that the behavior of the phase diagrams is slightly affected by the pressure, even within very large pressure ranges such as the ones studied in this work
Subject: Equilíbrio sólido-líquido
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: American Chemical Society
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1021/acs.jced.5b00330
Date Issue: 2015
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