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Type: Artigo
Title: Application of a shadow moiré optical technique to generate isodeformation curves on cashew nuts surface
Author: Rodrigues, Silvestre
Santana, Taize Calvacante
Gazolla, Jonathan
Enes, Adilson Machado
Dal Fabbro, Inacio Maria
Abstract: Moiré techniques are based on optical interferometry which is capable of generating fringes on the body surfaces under study. These fringes present similar pattern distribution to isothermal curves or even to contour lines drawn on farm land or on the ground surface maps. These lines are named moiré fringes which can be captured and processed to reproduce a three dimensional view of the testing body. However, in case the testing body is experiencing traction or compression these fringes can also be associated to the imposed stress which generated a certain strain distribution. By capturing the fringes for further digital processing, a complete three dimensional picture of the stress and strain distribution mapping on the testing body surface will be generated. The stress and strain relations can also be interpreted through elastic as well as viscoelastic laws. The objective of this research work was to identify the stress concentration on cashew shells to support the development of machine elements capable of breaking the shell but preserving the nut. Tests consisted in imposing variable loads to the fruit in order to generate stress concentrations at the points which will provoke shell breaking. Optical grids were projected with four different wavelengths, i.e., blue, yellow, white and red colors, permitting fringes contrast optimization. Higher deformations were observed to occur on nut top meanwhile lower deformation levels were observed on the fruit top border. Results demonstrated the feasibility of the proposed method in determining stress and strain concentrations on cashew nut under mechanical load.
Subject: Castanha-de-caju
Country: Dinamarca
Editor: International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations
Rights: Aberto
Date Issue: 2015
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