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Type: Artigo
Title: Super-resolution imaging of synaptic and extra-synaptic AMPA receptors with different-sized fluorescent probes
Author: Lee, Sang Hak
Jin, Chaoyi
Cai, En
Ge, Pinghua
Ishitsuka, Yuji
Teng, Kai Wen
Thomaz, Andre A. de
Nall, Duncan
Baday, Murat
Jeyifous, Okunola
Demonte, Daniel
Dundas, Christopher M.
Park, Sheldon
Delgado, Jary Y.
Green, William N.
Selvin, Paul R.
Abstract: Previous studies tracking AMPA receptor (AMPAR) diffusion at synapses observed a large mobile extrasynaptic AMPAR pool. Using super-resolution microscopy, we examined how fluorophore size and photostability affected AMPAR trafficking outside of, and within, post-synaptic densities (PSDs) from rats. Organic fluorescent dyes(gt;= 4 nm), quantum dots, either small (gt;= 10 nm diameter; sQDs) or big (gt;20 nm; bQDs), were coupled to AMPARs via different-sized linkers. We find that gt;90% of AMPARs labeled with fluorescent dyes or sQDs were diffusing in confined nanodomains in PSDs, which were stable for 15 min or longer. Less than 10% of sQD-AMPARs were extrasynaptic and highly mobile. In contrast, 5-10% of bQD-AMPARs were in PSDs and 90-95% were extrasynaptic as previously observed. Contrary to the hypothesis that AMPAR entry is limited by the occupancy of open PSD 'slots', our findings suggest that AMPARs rapidly enter stable nanodomains in PSDs with lifetime gt;15 min, and do not accumulate in extrasynaptic membranes.
Subject: Sinapse
Nanopartículas de ouro
Pontos quânticos
Gold nanoparticles
Quantum dots
Country: Reino Unido
Editor: eLife Sciences Publications
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.7554/eLife.27744
Date Issue: 2017
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