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Type: Artigo
Title: Natural type II collagen hydrogel, fibrin sealant, and adipose-derived stem cells as a promising combination for articular cartilage repair
Author: Lazarini, M.
Bordeaux-Rego, P.
Giardini-Rosa, R.
Duarte, A. S. S.
Baratti, M. O.
Zorzi, A. R.
Miranda, J. B. de
Cesar, C. L.
Luzo, A.
Saad, S. T. O.
Abstract: Objective. Articular cartilage is an avascular tissue with limited ability of self-regeneration and the current clinical treatments have restricted capacity to restore damages induced by trauma or diseases. Therefore, new techniques are being tested for cartilage repair, using scaffolds and/or stem cells. Although type II collagen hydrogel, fibrin sealant, and adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) represent suitable alternatives for cartilage formation, their combination has not yet been investigated in vivo for focal articular cartilage defects. We performed a simple experimental procedure using the combination of these 3 compounds on cartilage lesions of rabbit knees. Design. The hydrogel was developed in house and was first tested in vitro for chondrogenic differentiation. Next, implants were performed in chondral defects with or without ASCs and the degree of regeneration was macroscopically and microscopically evaluated. Results. Production of proteoglycans and the increased expression of collagen type II (COL2 alpha 1), aggrecan (ACAN), and sex-determining region Y-box 9 (SOX9) confirmed the chondrogenic character of ASCs in the hydrogel in vitro. Importantly, the addition of ASC induced a higher overall repair of the chondral lesions and a better cellular organization and collagen fiber alignment compared with the same treatment without ASCs. This regenerating tissue also presented the expression of cartilage glycosaminoglycan and type II collagen. Conclusions. Our results indicate that the combination of the 3 compounds is effective for articular cartilage repair and may be of future clinical interest.
Subject: Cartilagem articular
Selante de fibrina
Colágeno tipo II
Articular cartilage
Fibrin sealant
Collagen type II
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Sage Publications
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1177/1947603516675914
Date Issue: 2017
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