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Type: Artigo
Title: Length scale of the dendritic microstructure affecting tensile properties of Al–(Ag)–(Cu) alloys
Author: Duarte, Roberto N.
Faria, Jonas D.
Brito, Crystopher
Veríssimo, Nathalia C.
Cheung, Noé
Garcia, Amauri
Abstract: The dependence of tensile properties on the length scale of the dendritic morphology of Al–Cu, Al–Ag and Al–Ag–Cu alloys is experimentally investigated. These alloys were directionally solidified (DS) under a wide range of cooling rates (Ṫ), permitting extensive microstructural scales to be examined. Experimental growth laws are proposed relating the primary dendritic arm spacing, λ1 to Ṫ and tensile properties to λ1. It is shown that the most significant effect of the scale of λ1 on the tensile properties is that of the ternary alloy, which is attributed to the more homogeneous distribution of the eutectic mixture for smaller λ1 and by the combined reinforcement roles of the intermetallics present in the ternary eutectic: Al2Cu and nonequilibrium Ag3Al
Subject: Ligas (Metalurgia)
Country: Singapura
Editor: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte.
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1142/S0217979215502616
Date Issue: 2016
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