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Type: Artigo
Title: Positioning of sensors for control of ventilation systems in broiler houses: a case study
Author: Ridolfi de Carvalho Curi, Thayla Morandi
Conti, Dante
Vercellino, Rimena do Amaral
Massari, Juliana Maria
de Moura, Daniella Jorge
de Souza, Zigomar Menezes
Montanari, Rafael
Abstract: Ventilation systems are incorporated at intensive poultry farms to control environment conditions and thermal comfort of broilers. The ventilation system operates based on environmental data, particularly measured by sensors of temperature and relative humidity. Sensors are placed at different positions of the facility. Quality, number and positioning of the sensors are critical factors to achieve an efficient performance of the system. For this reason, a strategic positioning of the sensors associated to controllers could support the maintenance and management of the microclimate inside the facility. This research aims to identify the three most representative points for the positioning of sensors in order to support the ventilation system during the critical period from 12h00 to 15h00 on summer days. Temperature, relative humidity and wind speed were measured in four different tunnel ventilated barns at the final stage of the production cycle. The descriptive analysis was performed on these data. The Temperature and Humidity Index (THI) was also calculated. Then, the geostatistical analysis of THI was performed by GS+ and the position of sensors was determined by ordinary kriging. The methodology was able to detect the most representative points for the positioning of sensors in a case study (southeastern Brazil). The results suggested that this strategic positioning would help controllers to obtain a better inference of the microclimate during the studied period (the hottest microclimate), considered critical in Brazil. In addition, these results allow developing a future road map for a decision support system based on 24 h monitoring of the ventilation systems in broiler houses.
Subject: Frango de corte
Geologia - Métodos estatísticos
Country: Brasil
Editor: Universidade de São Paulo/Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz"
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1590/1678-992X-2015-0369
Date Issue: 2017
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