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Type: Artigo
Title: DnB, the Database of Nymphalids in Brazil, with a checklist for standardized species lists
Author: Shirai, L. T.
MacHado, P. A.
Mota, L. L.
Rosa, A. H. B.
Freitas, A. V. L.
Abstract: DnB (Database of nymphalids in Brazil) centralizes the state of the art of all Nymphalidae species lists ever reported in Brazil. Butterflies are diverse, ecologically relevant, charismatic, and are effective flagships and bioindicators for conservation. With about 850 described species in Brazil, Nymphalidae is the group with the most stable taxonomy among the three richest Neotropical butterfly families and are frequently used in several biological disciplines as a model system. This study was developed from the need of an up-to-date, curated, and throughout database of species occurrences, the first of its kind in this continental, heterogeneous, and highly diverse country. The data can be used as a starting point for several purposes, such as mapping the distribution of Brazilian nymphalids, producing regional species lists with information of their richness, estimating priority regions (due to species occurrence or lack of sampling) and niche modeling-see DnB tutorials. Using both coarse-grained and exhaustive search strategies, we compiled 489 studies (peer-reviewed or not), from which 357 had species lists and were thus catalogued in a user-friendly software. We provide a separate worksheet with 34 columns of additional information, to filter DnB by e.g. biome, urban sampling, collection method; or to assess the quality of studies. Descriptive analyses revealed, as commonly reported, sampling bias towards large urban centers and proximity to research institutions (Wallacean shortfall), as well as taxonomic (Linnaean) shortfall of biodiversity. Aiming to standardize the publication and peer-review of species lists, we suggest a protocol, or checklist, of all steps required to ensure the comparability and minimum quality of such publications. DnB is available at, with a translated version in Portuguese available at and we aim to update and re-publish it every 10 years so we encourage authors to send corrections and new species lists, published in any media, to
Subject: Nymphalidae
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Lepidopterists Society
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.18473/lepi.73i2.a4
Date Issue: 2019
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