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Type: Artigo
Title: Color stability and gloss of esthetic restorative materials after chemical challenges
Author: Ozera, Eduardo Haruki
Pascon, Fernanda Miori
Correr, Américo Bortolazzo
Puppin-Rontani, Regina Maria
Castilho, Aline Rogéria de
Correr-Sobrinho, Lourenço
Paula, Andreia Bolzan de
Abstract: This study evaluated gloss and color changes of esthetic restorative materials subjected to different acidic beverages. Specimens of resin composites (Z350XT (Z350), IPS Empress Direct (ED), Charisma Diamond (CD)) were prepared and the initial surface gloss and color (ΔE) were measured (n=10). Then, the specimens were immersed in 4 mL of each of the different beverages (cranberry juice; Coca-Cola; coffee or artificial saliva) during 15 min, 3x/day for 14 days and new gloss and color readings were obtained. Color change was evaluated with the ΔE formula and gloss change values were obtained by the formula: (final gloss - initial gloss). Data was submitted to two-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s post hoc test (a=0.05). CD showed the lowest color change among resin composites. The highest ΔE values were obtained after immersion in coffee and cranberry juice. Coffee promoted the highest gloss change (worst gloss retention), followed by cranberry juice, Coca-cola and artificial saliva (p<0.05). The type of beverage significantly influenced the gloss of resin composites. Coca-cola reduced gloss of the three resin composites in a similar manner. Coffee affected the ED gloss more than that of Z350 and CD, while cranberry juice affected Z350 more than ED and CD. Saliva had a more pronounced effect on the gloss retention of CD than ED. The beverages used in this study influenced the optical surface properties of the composites studied
Subject: Espectrofotometria
Country: Brasil
Editor: USP/Fundação Odontológica de Ribeirão Preto
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1590/0103-6440201902263
Date Issue: 2019
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