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Type: Artigo
Title: Protein restriction in early life increases intracellular calcium and insulin secretion, but does not alter expression of SNARE proteins during pregnancy
Author: Marin, Bianca Karine
de Lima Reis, Silvia Regina
Silva Ramalho, Albina de Fatima
Lemes, Simone Ferreira
Marin, Leonardo
Vanzela, Emerielle Cristine
Boschero, Antonio Carlos
Carneiro, Everardo Magalhaes
Latorraca, Marcia Queiroz
Arantes, Vanessa Cristina
de Barros Reis, Marise Auxiliadora
Abstract: We investigated the kinetics of glucose-induced insulin secretion and their relationship with [Ca2+](i) and the expression of protein from exocytotic machinery in islets from recovered pregnant and long-term protein-deficient pregnant rats. Isolated islets were evaluated from control-fed pregnant (CP), protein-deficient pregnant (DP), control-fed non-pregnant (CNP) and protein-deficient non-pregnant (DNP) female adult rats, and from protein-deficient pregnant (RP) and non-pregnant (RNP) rats that were recovered after weaning. The insulin responses to glucose during the first phase of secretion were higher in RP than in CP groups, and both were higher than in the DP group. Islets from RP rats displayed a rapid increase in insulin release (first phase), followed by a plateau that was maintained thereafter. The [Ca2+](i) in islets from the protein-deficient groups was lower than in the control groups, and both were lower than in the RP and RNP groups. SNAP-25 was increased in islets from pregnant rats independently of their nutritional status, and the syntaxin-1A content was reduced in islets from the RP rats compared with the RNP rats. The VAMP2 content was similar among the groups. Thus, protein restriction during intrauterine life and lactation increased insulin secretion during pregnancy, attributable, in part, to increased [Ca2+](i), and independent of an alteration of expression of SNARE proteins
Subject: Insulina
Country: Reino Unido
Editor: Wiley
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1113/EP087045
Date Issue: 2019
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