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Type: Artigo
Title: Flow cytometry "Ogata score" for the diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndromes in a real-life setting : a Latin American experience
Author: Grille Montauban, Sofia
Hernandez-Perez, Carlos R.
Velloso, Elvira D. R. P.
Novoa, Viviana
Lorand-Metze, Irene
Gonzalez, Jaqueline
Solari, Liliana
Cismondi, Valeria
Carlos Serrano, Juan
Burgnini, Andreina
Rabelo-Carrasco, Laura J.
Bacal, Nydia
Trias, Natalia
Guevara, Romina
Rico Vido, Joyce
Crisp, Renee
Enrico, Alicia
Boada, Matilde
Pereira Cunha, Fernanda G.
Fanessi, Viviana
Belen Venegas, Maria
Issouribehere, Diego
Novoa, Andrea
Lens, Daniela
Abstract: Flow cytometry (FC) is a helpful tool for the diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Different FC score systems have been developed. The "Ogata score" is a simple diagnostic score that has been validated having a sensitivity of 69% and a specificity of 92% in low-risk MDS. We aimed to study the feasibility and the utility of the "Ogata score" for the diagnosis of MDS among Latin America (LA) Laboratories. Methods This is a case and control study conducted in LA institutions members of Grupo Latinoamericano de Mielodisplasia (GLAM). A total of 146 MDS patients and 57 control patients were included. "Ogata score" was calculated. Results The sensitivity of "Ogata score" was 75.6% (95% CI, 66.8-81.3), specificity was 91.2% (95% CI, 79.7-96.7), PPV was 95.6% (95% CI, 88.5-98.3), and NPV was 65.4% (95% CI, 49.1-71.9). In low/intermediate-1 IPSS patients group, the sensitivity was 70.1% (95% CI, 60.2-78.2), specificity was 91.2% (CI-95%, 79.7-96.7), PPV was 94.2% (95% CI, 86.4-97.8), and NPV was 62.1% (95% CI, 53.0-78.7). In the group of patients "without MDS specific markers" (patients without ring sideroblasts, blast excess, or chromosomal abnormalities), the sensitivity was 66.7% (CI-95%, 55.8-76.0), specificity was 91.2% (95% CI, 79.7-96.7), PPV was 92.3% (95% CI, 82.2-97.1), and NPV was 63.5% (95% CI, 51.9-73.5). The diagnostic power found in this study was similar to the reported by Della-Porta et al. Also in LA, the analysis was made in modern equipment with acquisition of at least 100 000 events which permits a good reproducibility of the results
Subject: Citometria de fluxo
Country: Reino Unido
Editor: Wiley
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1111/ijlh.13047
Date Issue: 2019
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