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Type: Artigo
Title: Ecometabolomic analysis of wild populations of pilocarpus pennatifolius (Rutaceae) using unimodal analyses
Author: Allevato, Daniella M.
Kiyota, Eduardo
Mazzafera, Paulo
Nixon, Kevin C.
Abstract: Studies examining the diversity of plant specialized metabolites suggest that biotic and abiotic pressures greatly influence the qualitative and quantitative diversity found in a species. Large geographic distributions expose a species to a great variety of environmental pressures, thus providing an enormous opportunity for expression of environmental plasticity. Pilocarpus, a neotropical genus of Rutaceae, is rich in alkaloids, terpenoids, and coumarins, and is the only commercial source of the alkaloid pilocarpine for the treatment of glaucoma. Overharvesting of species in this genus for pilocarpine, has threatened natural populations of the species. The aim of this research was to understand how adaptation to environmental variation shapes the metabolome in multiple populations of the widespread species Pilocarpus pennatifolius. LCMS data from alkaloid and phenolic extracts of leaf tissue were analyzed with environmental predictors using unimodal unconstrained and constrained ordination methods for an untargeted metabolomics analysis. PLS-DA was used to further confirm the chemoecotypes of each site. The most important variables contributing to the alkaloid variation between the sites: mean temperature of wettest quarter, as well as the soil content of phosphorus, magnesium, and base saturation (V%). The most important contributing to the phenolic variation between the sites: mean temperature of the wettest quarter, temperature seasonality, calcium and soil electrical conductivity. This research will have broad implications in a variety of areas including biocontrol for pests, environmental and ecological plant physiology, and strategies for species conservation maximizing phytochemical diversity
Subject: Metabolômica
Ecofisiologia vegetal
Country: Suiça
Editor: Frontiers Research Foundation
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2019.00258
Date Issue: 2019
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