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Type: Artigo
Title: Methodology for the characterization of elastic constants of wood from tree branches
Author: R, Gonçalves,
G. H. L, Garcia,
S., Brazolin,
C, Bertoldo,
M., Ruy,
Abstract: In biomechanical analyses, computational models are essential tools for simulating the behavior of a tree subjected to a load. However, such models allow only approximation of the actual behavior of the tree if the elastic parameters of the wood in different tree parts (stem, branches, and roots) and at least orthotropic behavior are not considered. In addition, as the wood is green, the parameters of strength and stiffness must be adequate for this level of moisture. However, even for stem wood, knowledge of elastic properties is not available for most species used in urban tree planting, and this scarcity of information is even greater for wood branches. The objective of this research was to evaluate methodology, based on wave propagation, in characterizing the 12 elastic constants of wood from branches. Complementarily, compression tests were performed to characterize the strength. The obtained elastic parameters using ultrasound tests were comparable with the values expected based on theoretical aspects related to the behavior of the wood. The results of the compression test complemented the ultrasound characterization, but the application of this method for the complete characterization of the elastic parameters is not feasible for tree branches because of their small size
Subject: Biomecânica
Distribuição de Poisson
Módulo de cisalhamento
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: North Carolina State University
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.15376/biores.14.4.8439-8454
Date Issue: 2019
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