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Type: Artigo
Title: Brane involutions on irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifolds
Author: Franco, Emilio
Jardim, Marcos
Menet, Gregoire
Abstract: In the context of irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifolds, we say that (anti)holomorphic (anti)symplectic involutions are brane involutions since their fixed point locus is a brane in the physicists’ language, i.e. a submanifold which is either complex or lagrangian submanifold with respect to each of the three K¨ahler structures of the associated hyperk¨ahler structure. Starting from a brane involution on a K3 or abelian surface, one can construct a natural brane involution on its moduli space of sheaves. We study these natural involutions and their relation with the Fourier–Mukai transform. Later, we recall the lattice-theoretical approach to Mirror Symmetry. We provide two ways of obtaining a brane involution on the mirror and we study the behaviour of the brane involutions under both
Subject: Variedades simpléticas
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Duke University Press
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1215/21562261-2018-0009
Date Issue: Apr-2019
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