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Type: Artigo
Title: Colored and linear inversions to relative acoustic impedance
Author: Assis, Carlos A. M.
Santos, Henrique B.
Schleicher, Jörg
Abstract: Acoustic impedance (AI) is a widely used seismic attribute in stratigraphic interpretation. Because of the frequency-band-limited nature of seismic data, seismic amplitude inversion cannot determine AI itself, but it can only provide an estimate of its variations, the relative AI (RAI). We have revisited and compared two alternative methods to transform stacked seismic data into RAI. One is colored inversion (CI), which requires well-log information, and the other is linear inversion (LI), which requires knowledge of the seismic source wavelet. We start by formulating the two approaches in a theoretically comparable manner. This allows us to conclude that both procedures are theoretically equivalent. We proceed to check whether the use of the CI results as the initial solution for LI can improve the RAI estimation. In our experiments, combining CI and LI cannot provide superior RAI results to those produced by each approach applied individually. Then, we analyze the LI performance with two distinct solvers for the associated linear system. Moreover, we investigate the sensitivity of both methods regarding the frequency content present in synthetic data. The numerical tests using the Marmousi2 model demonstrate that the CI and LI techniques can provide an RAI estimate of similar accuracy. A field-data example confirms the analysis using synthetic-data experiments. Our investigations confirm the theoretical and practical similarities of CI and LI regardless of the numerical strategy used in LI. An important result of our tests is that an increase in the low-frequency gap in the data leads to slightly deteriorated CI quality. In this case, LI required more iterations for the conjugate-gradient least-squares solver, but the final results were not much affected. Both methodologies provided interesting RAI profiles compared with well-log data, at low computational cost and with a simple parameterization
Subject: Impedância (Eletricidade)
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1190/GEO2018-0185.1
Date Issue: Mar-2019
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