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Type: Artigo
Title: In vitro evaluation of surface properties and wear resistance of conventional and bulk-fill resin-based composites after brushing with a dentifrice
Author: Shimokawa, C. A. K.
Giannini, M.
Andre, C. B.
Sahadi, B. O.
Faraoni, J. J.
Palma-Dibb, R. G.
Soares, C. J.
Price, R. B.
Abstract: Objectives: This study evaluated the effect of toothbrushing with a dentifrice on gloss, roughness profile, surface roughness, and wear of conventional and bulk-fill resin-based composites. Methods and Materials: Gloss and surface roughness of resin-based composites (RBCs; Admira Fusion X-tra, Aura Bulk Fill, Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable, Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative, Filtek Supreme Ultra, Herculite Ultra, Mosaic Enamel, SDR flow+, Sonic Fill 2, Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill and Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill) were analyzed before and after brushing; the roughness profile and wear were also determined after toothbrushing. Representative three-dimensional images of the surface loss and images comparing the unbrushed and brushed surfaces were also compared. Analysis of variance and Tukey post hoc tests were applied (alpha=0.05) to the gloss, surface roughness, roughness profile, and surface loss data. Pearson's correlation test was used to determine the correlation between gloss and surface roughness, surface loss and percentage of gloss decrease after brushing, and surface loss and surface roughness after brushing. Results: For all RBCs tested after 20,000 brushing cycles, the gloss was reduced and the surface roughness increased (p<0.05). However, the roughness profile and the amount of surface loss were dependent on the RBC brand. Admira Fusion X-tra, Aura, Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill, and Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill showed the deepest areas of wear (p<0.05). A significant negative correlation was found between gloss and surface roughness, and a weak correlation was found between the decrease in gloss and the extent of surface loss, and any increase in surface roughness and the surface loss. Conclusions: Toothbrushing with a dentifrice reduced the gloss, increased the surface roughness, and caused loss at the surface of all the RBCs tested. Considering all the properties tested, Mosaic Enamel exhibited excellent gloss retention and a low roughness profile and wear, while Admira Fusion X-tra exhibited the greatest decrease in gloss, the highest roughness profile, and the most wear.
Subject: Desgaste dos Dentes
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: University of Washington/School of Dentistry
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.2341/18-200-L
Date Issue: 2019
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