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Type: Artigo
Title: Do causes influence clinical, functional and quality of life aspects on patients with bronchiectasis not associated with cystic fibrosis?
Author: Silva, Ádria Cristina da
Medeiros, Jéssica
Pereira, Mônica
Abstract: Bronchiectasis can have different causes. Etiology impact on clinical and functional aspects is little known. Identify causes of bronchiectasis non cystic fibrosis(BNFC) and investigate if there are differences concerning clinical, functional and of quality of life(QoL) among groups. Descriptive and cross-sectional study conducted in a Brazilian University hospital. Patients (N=109, mean age 53 yrs, 60% women) with tomographic diagnosis of bronchiectasis had medical files reviewed and were interviewed to identify personal and familial antecedents; they also performed spirometry and answered the Saint George QoL questionnaire(SGRQ). mean values: FVC:64%; FEV1:53%; BMI:26kg/m2, SGRQ score:45%. Cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidemia and diabetes were present in 36%, 5% and 16%, respectively. Apart from 26% of the cases with undetermined cause, other causes were post-infectious(23%), ciliary dyskinesia(CD)(16%), COPD(15%), and immunodeficiency(7%). Of all antecedents surveyed, only pneumonia before 10 years-old was associated with diagnosis, being more frequent in CD and idiopathic groups(p=0.02). There was an age difference: COPD patients were older(65 yrs) and CD ones, younger (43 yrs)(p=0.005). COPD subjects had worse pulmonary function (p=0.014) and more dyslipidemia(p=0.056). Differing from other groups(p<0.001), tuberculosis(TB) was found in 48% of postinfectious cases. There was no difference among groups regarding SGRQ, other comorbidities, MRC nor tobacco load. Causes were identified in 74% of the cases; COPD patients are older and have worse lung function. TB was very frequent in posinfectious BNFC
Subject: Qualidade de vida
Fibrose cística
Country: Suíça
Editor: European Respiratory Society
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1183/13993003.congress-2019.PA4354
Date Issue: Sep-2019
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