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Type: Artigo
Title: SMIM1 polymorphisms in a donor population from southeast Brazil and their correlation with VEL expression
Author: Arnoni, Carine Prisco
de Paula Vendrame, Tatiane A.
Muniz, Janaina Guilhem
Gazito, Diana
de Medeiros Person, Rosangela Duarte
Pereira Cortez, Afonso J.
Latini, Flavia R. M.
Castilho, Lilian
Abstract: Background. Vel is a high frequency blood group antigen and its alloantibody is involved in haemolytic transfusion reactions. After elucidation of the molecular basis of the Vel-negative phenotype defined by a 17-base pair deletion in SMIM1, genotyping has been the technique of choice to identify the Vel-negative phenotype, and molecular investigations have contributed to explain Vel expression variability. The present study was aimed at screening for Vel negative blood donors and characterising the genetic changes found in Brazilian donors with altered Vel expression. Materials and methods. Molecular screening for the SMIM1*64 80del allele was performed in 1,595 blood donor samples using a SNaPshot protocol previously standardised in our laboratory. Four hundred donor samples were also submitted to serological screening using a polyclonal anti-Vel from our inventory. Samples with variability in antigen strength were selected for SMIM1 sequencing. Results. No homozygous SMIM1*64_80del allele was found and the SMIM1*64_80del allele frequency was 1.01%. Different patterns of reactivity were observed in serological testing varying from negative to 3(+). Through sequencing analysis we highlighted two polymorphisms: rs1175550 and rs6673829. The minor G allele of rs1175550 was found in 16/20 samples reacting 3(+), while the major A allele was found in 21/23 samples reacting 2(+). Regarding rs6673829, the minor A allele was present in 14/23 and 3/20 samples reacting 2(+) and 3(+) respectively. Discussion. We included molecular VEL screening in a previously standardised SNaPshot protocol, which besides enabling detection of Vel-negative donors, also searches for eight other rare blood types. Additionally. the present study demonstrated that although the SMIM1*64_80del allele is responsible for sonic variation of Vel phenotype in this donor population, Vel expression is also controlled by molecular changes in SMIM1 intron 2.
Subject: Polimorfismo (Genética)
Country: Itália
Editor: SIMTI Servizi
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.2450/2018.0192-17
Date Issue: 2019
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