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Type: Artigo
Title: Correlation among automated scores of agglutination, antigen density by flow cytometry and genetics of D variants
Author: Arnoni, Carine Prisco
Muniz, Janaina Guilhem
de Paula Vendrame, Tatiane Aparecida
de Medeiros, Rosangela
Pereira Cortez, Afonso Jose
Moreira Latini, Flavia Roche
Castilho, Lilian
Abstract: Laboratory testing to identify the molecular basis of serologic weak D phenotypes is recommended to determine whether a pregnant woman or potential transfusion recipient should be managed as RhD-positive or RhD-negative. The variation in D antigen expression on RBCs, different potencies of anti-D typing reagents, lack of standardized test methods, and the subjectivity of interpreting agglutination reactions complicate the detection of D variants. We evaluated the correlation of agglutination scores by an automated immunoassay analyzer with D antigen densities determined by flow cytometry, and D variant types identified by molecular analysis. We selected 273 blood donor samples with agglutination scores of less than 92 (4+), measured by an automated analyzer (NEO (R), Immucor, Norcross, GA, USA). D antigen densities were measured by flow cytometry for 89 samples. Samples were classified as molecularly-determined weak D or partial D variants by multiplex PCR, PCR RFLP and DNA sequencing. All samples with a D antigen density >= 15% had an agglutination score > 80 (4 +). Agglutination scores for weak D types varied from 10 to 90. Agglutination scores for partial D antigens were graded with scores varying from 60 to 99. D antigen densities varied from 0.55% to 10.67% for weak Ds and 4.1% to 30.5% for partial Ds. Our results showed that score values follow a pattern among D variants that could be related to antigen density and to the RhD variant classification
Subject: Citometria de fluxo
Country: Reino Unido
Editor: Elsevier
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.transci.2019.08.018
Date Issue: 2019
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