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Type: Artigo
Title: Experimental correlations for the solidification and fusion times of PCM encapsulated in spherical shells
Author: Lago, Taynara G. S.
Ismail, Kamal A. R.
Lino, Fatima A. M.
Arabkoohsar, Ahmad
Abstract: This paper reports the results of a study to investigate and develop correlations for the parameters affecting the time for complete solidification and fusion in spherical shells. For this study, four spherical shells of 35, 76, 106 and 131 mm diameter were used, the charging temperature was varied from -20 degrees C to -5 degrees C while the melting temperature varied from 10 degrees C to 25 degrees C. Water and mixtures of water and polyethylene glycol in percentages ranging from 7.5% to 50% were tested. The developed correlation for the time for complete solidification showed an agreement with experiments with maximum difference of about 5.91%. Validation of the correlation of the time for complete fusion showed maximum difference of 7.2% and minimum difference of 0.88% when compared with experimental results
Subject: Calor - Armazenamento
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Taylor & Francis
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1080/08916152.2019.1656301
Date Issue: 2019
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