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Type: Artigo
Title: A new discinoid Kosoidea australis sp. nov. from the Iapó and Vila Maria Formations, NE Paraná Basin, Brazil
Author: Zabini, Carolina
Furtado-Carvalho, Ana Beatriz
Carmo, Dermeval Do
Assine, Mario Luis
Abstract: Many fossil brachiopod genera are used to comprehend previous geological settings. Such fossils often provide trustworthy information about ancient earth configurations, such as the supercontinent Gondwana. This study presents a new occurrence of a discinoid brachiopod, from the Iapo and Vila Maria Formations of the Parana Basin. Fossiliferous strata overlie deposits of glacial and post-glacial times, here interpreted as Hirnantian in age. This is the first occurrence of Kosoidea for Paleozoic strata of Brazilian Sedimentary Basins. A new discinoid species Kosoidea australis sp. nov. is erected. Disarticulated valves are extremely abundant as juveniles in transgressive marine mudrocks. The new species is characterised by a convexo-plane shell and a marked posterior triangular pedicle opening. The microornamentation consists of pits arranged in radial rays, mostly visible on the dorsal valve surface. Adults are rare, and a size-sorting process probably sieved and fragmented the valves during transportation and fossilisation. Medium to large discinoids - such as the one here described - are commonly associated with chilly waters. The presence of this genus both in Soom Shale (Cape Basin, South Africa) and in Parana Basin, associated to sedimentological data points to a possible connection between the two in marginal basins of Gondwana, during the Early Paleozoic
Subject: Braquiopode
Country: Reino Unido
Editor: Taylor & Francis
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1080/08912963.2019.1648447
Date Issue: 2019
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