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Type: Artigo
Title: Homeologous regulation of Frigida-like genes provides insights on reproductive development and somatic embryogenesis in the allotetraploid Coffea arabica
Author: Vieira, Natalia Gomes
Ferrari, Ilse Fernanda
de Rezende, Juliana Costa
Sampaio Mayer, Juliana Lischka
Costa Mondego, Jorge Mauricio
Abstract: Coffea arabica is an allotetraploid of high economic importance. C. arabica transcriptome is a combination of the transcripts of two parental genomes (C. eugenioides and C. canephora) that gave rise to the homeologous genes of the species. Previous studies have reported the transcriptional dynamics of C. arabica. In these reports, the ancestry of homeologous genes was identified and the overall regulation of homeologous differential expression (HDE) was explored. One of these genes is part of the FRIGIDA-like family (FRL), which includes the Arabidopsis thaliana flowering-time regulation protein, FRIGIDA (FRI). As nonfunctional FRI proteins give rise to rapid-cycling summer annual ecotypes instead of vernalization-responsive winter-annuals, allelic variation in FRI can modulate flowering time in A. thaliana. Using bioinformatics, genomic analysis, and the evaluation of gene expression of homeologs, we characterized the FRL gene family in C. arabica. Our findings indicate that C. arabica expresses 10 FRL homeologs, and that, throughout flower and fruit development, these genes are differentially transcribed. Strikingly, in addition to confirming the expression of FRL genes during zygotic embryogenesis, we detected FRL expression during direct somatic embryogenesis, a novel finding regarding the FRL gene family. The HDE profile of FRL genes suggests an intertwined homeologous gene regulation. Furthermore, we observed that FLC gene of C. arabica has an expression profile similar to that of CaFRL genes
Subject: Embriogenese somática
Country: Reino Unido
Editor: Springer
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-44666-6
Date Issue: 2019
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