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Type: Artigo
Title: A new tonstein occurrence in the eastern Parana Basin associated with the Figueira coalfield (Parana, Brazil): Palynostratigraphy and U-Pb radiometric dating integration
Author: Jurigan, Isabela
Ricardi-Branco, Fresia
Neregato, Rodrigo
Saraiva dos Santos, Ticiano Jose
Abstract: Tonsteins are layers generated from volcanic ash fall and constitute an important chronostratigraphic marker that allows the correlation between layers in and out of the sedimentary basin, as well as the calibration of biostratigraphic frameworks. In this contribution a new occurrence of tonstein is reported associated with the coal seams in Parana state, in the Parana Basin, and it was used as a tie point in local and intra-Gondwanan palynostratigraphy. First, the volcanic origin of the layer was attested by using methods as petrography, SEM and XRD. Then, the layer was dated by U-Pb zircon with LA-ICP-MS method, obtaining an age of 286 +/- 3 Ma which corresponds to the Artinskian (middle Cisuralian), thus the layers are correlated with the coal seam from Faxinal coalfield. However, the palynostratigraphic position for the studied interval was at the Protohaploxypinus goraiensis Subzone (lower Vittatina costabilis Zone), due to the presence of Protohaploxypinus goraiensis, Illinites unicus, Vittatina, and Converrucosisporites confiuens while palynostratigraphy of Faxinal places it at the Hamiapollenites karooensis Subzone (upper Vittatina costabdis Zone). Therefore, one possible explanation is that the boundary between the subzones of Vittatina costabilis Zone is younger on the studied site than in the rest of the basin
Subject: Carvão - Geologia
Country: Reino Unido
Editor: Elsevier
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.jsames.2019.102377
Date Issue: 2019
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