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Type: Artigo
Title: Star-galaxy classification in the dark energy survey Y1 data set
Author: Sevilla-Noarbe, I.
Hoyle, B.
Marcha, M. J.
Soumagnac, M. T.
Bechtol, K.
Drlica-Wagner, A.
Abdalla, F.
Aleksic, J.
Avestruz, C.
Balbinot, E.
Banerji, M.
Bertin, E.
Bonnett, C.
Brunner, R.
Carrasco-Kind, M.
Choi, A.
Giannantonio, T.
Kim, E.
Lahav, O.
Moraes, B.
Nord, B.
Ross, A. J.
Rykoff, E. S.
Santiago, B.
Sheldon, E.
Wei, K.
Wester, W.
Yanny, B.
Abbott, T.
Allam, S.
Brooks, D.
Carnero-Rosell, A.
Carretero, J.
Cunha, C.
da Costa, L.
Davis, C.
de Vicente, J.
Desai, S.
Doel, P.
Fernandez, E.
Flaugher, B.
Frieman, J.
Garcia-Bellido, J.
Gaztanaga, E.
Gruen, D.
Gruendl, R.
Gschwend, J.
Gutierrez, G.
Hollowood, D. L.
Honscheid, K.
James, D.
Jeltema, T.
Kirk, D.
Krause, E.
Kuehn, K.
Li, T. S.
Lima, M.
Maia, M. A. G.
March, M.
McMahon, R. G.
Menanteau, F.
Miquel, R.
Ogando, R. L. C.
Plazas, A. A.
Sanchez, E.
Scarpine, V.
Schindler, R.
Schubnell, M.
Smith, M.
Smith, R. C.
Soares-Santos, M.
Sobreira, F.
Suchyta, E.
Swanson, M. E. C.
Tarle, G.
Thomas, D.
Tucker, D. L.
Walker, A. R.
Abstract: We perform a comparison of different approaches to star-galaxy classification using the broadband photometric data from Year 1 of the Dark Energy Survey. This is done by performing a wide range of tests with and without external 'truth' information, which can be ported to other similar data sets. We make a broad evaluation of the performance of the classifiers in two science cases with DES data that are most affected by this systematic effect: large-scale structure and Milky Way studies. In general, even though the default morphological classifiers used for DES Y1 cosmology studies are sufficient to maintain a low level of systematic contamination from stellar misclassification, contamination can be reduced to the O(1 per cent) level by using multi-epoch and infrared information from external data sets. For Milky Way studies, the stellar sample can be augmented by similar to 20 per cent for a given flux limit.
Subject: Energia escura (Astronomia)
Fotometria - Técnica
Análise de dados
Country: Reino Unido
Editor: Oxford University Press
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1093/mnras/sty2579
Date Issue: 2018
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