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2019The price of ultra-processed foods and beverages and adult body weight: Evidence from US veteransPowell, Lisa M.; Jones, Kelly; Duran, Ana Clara; Tarlov, Elizabeth; Zenk, Shannon N.-Artigo
2019Foreclosures and weight gain: Differential associations by longer neighborhood exposureDuran, Ana Clara; Zenk, Shannon N.; Tarlov, Elizabeth; Duda, Sarah; Smith, Geoff; Lee, Jin Man; Berbaum, Michael L.-Artigo
2019Conflicting messages on food and beverage packages: front-of-package nutritional labeling, health and nutrition claims in BrazilDuran, Ana Clara; Ricardo, Camila Zancheta; Mais, Lais Amaral; Bortoletto Martins, Ana Paula; Taillie, Lindsey Smith-Artigo
Feb-2020Why are most physicochemical parameters not useful in predicting the quality of sheep milk?Tribst, Alline Artigiani Lima; Falcade, Luiza Toledo Piza; Leite Júnior, Bruno Ricardo de Castro; Oliveira, Miguel Meirelles de-Artigo
2019Strategies for raw sheep milk storage in smallholdings: effect of freezing or long-term refrigerated storage on microbial growthTribst, A. A. L.; Falcade, I. L. T. P.; de Oliveira, M. M.-Artigo
Dec-2019Fishers and groupers (epinephelus marginatus and E. morio) in the coast of Brazil : integrating information for conservationBegossi, Alpina; Salyvonchyk, Svetlana; Glamuzina, Branko; Souza, Shirley Pacheco de; Lopes, Priscila F. M.; Priolli, Regina H. G.; Prado, Djalma Osmanir do; Ramires, Milena; Clauzet, Mariana; Zapelini, Cleverson; Schneider, Daiana T.; Silva, Luis T.; Silvano, Renato A. M.-Artigo
2019Fish consumption on the Amazon: a review of biodiversity, hydropower and food security issuesBegossi, A.; Salivonchyk, S. V.; Hallwass, G.; Hanazaki, N.; Lopes, P. F. M.; Silvano, R. A. M.; Dumaresq, D.; Pittock, J.-Artigo
2019High pressure processing impacts on the hydrolytic profile of milk coagulantsLeite Júnior, B.R.D.C.; Tribst, A.A.L.; Ribeiro, L.R.; Cristianini, M.-Artigo
2019Trans fat labeling information on brazilian packaged foodsRicardo, Camila Zancheta; Peroseni, Isabela Mateus; Mais, Lais Amaral; Bortoletto Martins, Ana Paula; Duran, Ana Clara-Artigo
2019Impact of extended refrigerated storage and freezing/thawing storage combination on physicochemical and microstructural characteristics of raw whole and skimmed sheep milkLima Tribst, Alline Artigiani; Piza Falcade, Luiza Toledo; Ribeiro, Luma Rossi; de Castro Leite Junior, Bruno Ricardo; de Oliveira, Miguel Meirelles-Artigo