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Type: Artigo
Title: Data set for the reporting of carcinomas of the major salivary glands explanations and recommendations of the guidelines from the international collaboration on cancer reporting
Author: Seethala, Raja R.
Altemani, Albina
Ferris, Robert L.
Fonseca, Isabel
Gnepp, Douglas R.
Ha, Patrick
Nagao, Toshitaka
Skalova, Alena
Stenman, Goran
Thompson, Lester D. R.
Abstract: The International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to develop evidence-based, internationally agreed-upon standardized data sets for each anatomic site, to be used throughout the world. Providing global standardization of pathology tumor classification, staging, and other reporting elements will lead to achieving the objective of improved patient management and enhanced epidemiologic research. Salivary gland carcinomas are relatively uncommon, and as such, meaningful data about the many histologic types are not easily compared. Morphologic overlap between tumor types makes accurate classification challenging, but there are often significant differences in patient outcomes. Therefore, issues related to tumor type, tumor grading, high-grade transformation, extent of invasion, number and size of nerves affected, and types of ancillary studies are discussed in the context of daily application to specimens from these organs. This review focuses on the data set developed for salivary gland carcinomas with discussion of the key core and noncore elements developed for inclusion by an international expert panel of head and neck and oralmaxillofacial pathologists and surgeons.
Subject: Carcinoma
Glândulas salivares
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: American Medical Association
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.5858/arpa.2018-0422-SA
Date Issue: 2019
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