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Type: Congresso
Title: [des-arg(1)]-proctolin: A Novel Nep-like Enzyme Inhibitor Identified In Tityus Serrulatus Venom
Author: Duzzi
Bruno; Cajado-Caryalho
Daniela; Kuniyoshi
Alexandre Kazuo; Kodama
Roberto Tadashi; Gozzo
Fabio Cesar; Fioramonte
Mariana; Tambourgi
Denise Vilarinho; Portaro
Fernanda Vieira; Rioli
Abstract: The scorpion Tityus serrulatus venom comprises a complex mixture of molecules that paralyzes and kills preys, especially insects. However, venom components also interact with molecules in humans, causing clinic envenomation. This cross-interaction may result from homologous molecular targets in mammalians and insects, such as (NEP)-like enzymes. In face of these similarities, we searched for peptides in Tityus serrulatus venom using human NEP as a screening tool. We found a NEP-inhibiting peptide with the primary sequence YLPT, which is very similar to that of the insect neuropeptide proctolin (RYLPT). Thus, we named the new peptide [des-Arg(1)]-proctolin. Comparative NEP activity assays using natural substrates demonstrated that [des-Arg(1)]-proctolin has high specificity for NEP and better inhibitory activity than proctolin. To test the initial hypothesis that molecular homologies allow Tityus serrulatus venom to act on both mammal and insect targets, we investigated the presence of a NEP-like in cockroaches, the main scorpion prey, that could be likewise inhibited by [des-Arg(1)]-proctolin. Indeed, we detected a possible NEP-like in a homogenate of cockroach heads whose activity was blocked by thiorphan and also by [des-Arg(1)]-proctolin. Western blot analysis using a human NEP monoclonal antibody suggested a NEP-like enzyme in the homogenate of cockroach heads. Our study describes for the first time a proctolin-like peptide, named [des-Arg(1)]-proctolin, isolated from Tityus serrulatus venom. The tetrapeptide inhibits human NEP activity and a NEP-like activity in a cockroach head homogenate, thus it may play a role in human envenomation as well as in the paralysis and death of scorpion preys. (C) 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Subject: Tityus Serrulatus
Neprilysin (nep)
Scorpion Venom
Editor: Elsevier Science INC
New York
Citation: Peptides . Elsevier Science Inc , v. 80, p. 18 - 24, 2016.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.peptides.2015.05.013
Date Issue: 2016
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