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Type: Artigo
Title: Hematological Alterations In Astyanax Altiparanae (characidade) Caused By Lernaea Cyprinacea (copepoda: Lernaeidae)
Author: Correa
Lincoln L.; Tavares-Dias
Marcos; Ceccarelli
Paulo S.; Adriano
Edson A.
Abstract: This study describes the hematological alterations in Astyanax altiparanae associated with infestation with Lernaea cyprinacea. The study was carried out in a lagoon of the MogiGuacu River, in the municipality of Pirassununga, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Of 46 fish examined, 45.6% had their integument infested by L. cyprinacea, with a mean intensity of 4.9 parasites per fish and a mean abundance of 2.2, giving a total of 139 recovered crustaceans. The abundance of L. cyprinacea correlated positively with the length and weight of the hosts, and the intensity of infestation was higher in female hosts. Macroscopic observation of lesions associated with the parasite showed a severe inflammatory reaction around the site of attachment of L. cyprinacea, associated with a lower relative condition factor and blood parameters. The hematocrit, number of red blood cells and thrombocytes were higher in non-parasitized than in parasitized fish. However, the hemoglobin concentration, hematimetric indices and the number of white blood cells were not influenced by infestation.
Subject: Ectoparasites
Continental Fish
Editor: Inter-Research
Oldendorf Luhe
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.3354/dao03008
Date Issue: 2016
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