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Type: Artigo
Title: Strategies To Reconstruct 3d Coffea Arabica L. Plant Structure
Author: Matsunaga
Fabio Takeshi; Tosti
Jonas Barbosa; Androcioli-Filho
Armando; Brancher
Jacques Duilio; Costes
Evelyne; Rakocevic
Abstract: Accurate model of structural elements is necessary to model the foliage and fruit distributions in cultivated plants, both of them being key parameters for yield prediction. However, the level of details in architectural data collection could vary, simplifying the data collection when plants get older and because of the high time cost required. In the present study, we aimed at reconstructing and analyzing plant structure, berry distributions and yield in Coffea arabica (Arabica coffee), by using both detailed or partial morphological information and probabilistic functions. Different datasets of coffee plant architectures were available with different levels of detail depending on the tree age. Three scales of decomposition-plant, axes and metamers were used reconstruct the plant architectures. CoffePlant3D, a software which integrates a series of mathematical, computational and statistical methods organized in three newly developed modules, AmostraCafe3D, VirtualCafe3D and Cafe3D, was developed to accurately reconstruct coffee plants in 3D, whatever the level of details available. The number of metamers of the 2nd order axes was shown to be linearly proportional to that of the orthotropic trunk, and the number of berries per metamer was modeled as a Gaussian function within a specific zone along the plagiotropic axes. This ratio of metamer emission rhythm between the orthotropic trunk and plagiotropic axes represents the pillar of botanical events in the C. arabica development and was central in our modeling approach, especially to reconstruct missing data. The methodology proposed for reconstructing coffee plants under the CoffePlant3D was satisfactorily validated across dataset available and could be performed for any other Arabica coffee variety.
Subject: Plant Architecture
Berry Distribution
Vertical Profile
Gaussian Model
Editor: Springer International Publishing Ag
Citation: Springerplus. Springer International Publishing Ag, v. 5, p. , 2016.
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1186/s40064-016-3762-4
Date Issue: 2016
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