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Type: Artigo
Title: Endophytic Bacteria Affect Sugarcane Physiology Without Changing Plant Growth
Author: Correia Marcos
Fernanda Castro; Freitas Iorio
Raquel de Paula; Dias da Silveira
Adriana Parada; Ribeiro
Rafael Vasconcelos; Machado
Eduardo Caruso; Magalhaes de Andrade Lagoa
Ana Maria
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate if endophytic bacteria inoculants would be beneficial to the sugarcane varieties IACSP94-2094 and IACSP95-5000, promoting changes in photosynthesis and plant growth. The plants, obtained from mini stalks with one bud, were treated with two bacteria mixtures (inoculum I or II) or did not receive any inoculum (control plants). The inocula did not affect shoot and root dry matter accumulation as compared to the control condition (plants with native endophytic bacteria). However, photosynthesis and electron transport rate (ETR) increased in IACSP94-2094 treated with the inoculum II, whereas the inoculum I enhanced photosynthesis and stomatal conductance in IACSP95-5000. The inoculum II caused increase in leaf sucrose concentration of IACSP94-2094 and decrease in IACSP95-5000 leaves. Leaf nitrogen concentration was not affected by treatments, but bacteria inoculation increased nitrate reductase activity in IACSP95-5000, and the highest activity was found in plants treated with the inoculum II. We can conclude that bacteria inoculation changed sugarcane physiology, improving photosynthesis and nitrate reduction in a genotype-dependent manner, without promoting plant growth under non-limiting conditions.
Subject: Saccharum Spp.
Plant-bacteria Interaction
Mini Stalks With One Bud
Editor: Inst Agronomico
Citation: Bragantia. Inst Agronomico, v. 75, p. 1 - 9, 2016.
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1590/1678-4499.256
Date Issue: 2016
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