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Type: Artigo
Title: Intervention Programs For Sports Education In The School Context, Petb And Peab: Preliminary Study
Author: Gonzalez Espinosa
Sergio; Ibenez Godoy
Sergio Jose; Feu Molina
Sebastian; Rafaela Galatti
Abstract: Learning in sports has been one of the most common research topics in recent years in the field of sports pedagogy, and one of the areas that generated the biggest controversy is the comparison of different types of learning methodologies. In the absence of validated intervention programs designed in the basis of traditional and alternative paradigms of education, it is needed to address the validation of an intervention program positioned in two different methodologies for teaching a sport like basketball. The design of this research is instrumental. The validation process was performed by expert judgment, wherein 17 expert judges should attend from four to six predetermined selection criteria. For content validity the coefficient V Aiken was used. The reliability of the instrument was calculated using the Cronbach a. The intervention program is equivalent to each methodology, as well as the number of tasks, contents and practical situations. After analyzing the data, 38 of the 40 tasks that make up the intervention program exceeded the values required for validity (V > 0.70). Two tasks were created within traditional methodology and those suggested by the experts qualitatively changed. The reliability of the instrument was excellent with a value of .96. The Traditional Teaching Program Basketball and Compressive Teaching Program Basketball instruments are valid and reliable, therefore it can be used to compare two models for teaching basketball in school.
Subject: Validation
Teaching Methods
Intervention Program
V Aiken
Editor: Federacion Espanola Asoc Docentes Educacion Fisica-FEADEF
Citation: Retos-nuevas Tendencias En Educacion Fisica Deporte Y Recreacion. Federacion Espanola Asoc Docentes Educacion Fisica-feadef, p. 107 - 113, 2017.
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2017
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