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Type: Artigo
Title: Physiological And Biochemical Responses Of Dolichos Lablab L. To Cadmium Support Its Potential As A Cadmium Phytoremediator
Author: Souza
Lucas A.; Piotto
Fernando A.; Dourado
Manuella N.; Schmidt
Daiana; Franco
Monica R.; Boaretto
Luis F.; Tezotto
Tiago; Ferreira
Renato R.; Azevedo
Ricardo A.
Abstract: This study aims to investigate the response of a high biomass producer non-hyperaccumulator legume plant species, Dolichos lablab L., to cadmium (Cd) stress for phytoremediation process. Three individual experiments were carried out to assess physiological and biochemical parameters to support the use of this plant species as a phytoremediator. The first experiment was carried out in Cd-contaminated soil while the second and third experiments were conducted in sand in which Cd was applied to study biochemical responses. Analysis of mineral nutrition, phytoremediation parameters, antioxidant response, and protein identification by gel-based proteomics were performed. Good tolerance to Cd under moderate level of contamination was observed. Mineral nutrition was little affected, and phytoremediation index was satisfactory. Additionally, biochemical responses based on antioxidant enzyme analysis were well responsive in roots, reflecting the capacity of Cd stress attenuation in this organ. A proteomic analysis revealed positive regulation of root proteins involved in carbohydrate, amino acids, nitrogen metabolism, and abiotic/biotic stress response, which together may contribute to create a scenario to overcome Cd-induced stress. Based on the physiological and biochemical results, we concluded that D. lablab L. is suitable for phytoremediation/phytostabilization purposes.
Subject: Antioxidant Metabolism
Heavy Metal
Oxidative Stress
Editor: Springer Heidelberg
Citation: Journal Of Soils And Sediments. Springer Heidelberg, v. 17, p. 1413 - 1426, 2017.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s11368-015-1322-0
Date Issue: 2017
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