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Type: Artigo
Title: Experimental Evidence Of Transition Between Dynamical And Kinematical Diffraction Regimes In Ion-implanted Si Observed Through X-ray Multiple-beam Diffraction Mappings
Author: Calligaris
Guilherme A.; Lang
Rossano; Bettini
Jefferson; dos Santos
Adenilson O.; Cardoso
Lisandro P.
Abstract: In this paper, the dependence of a Laue diffraction streak on the crystalline perfection of Xe-implanted Si(001) substrates is presented, based on the observation in the X-ray multiple diffraction (XRMD) mappings, as an experimental evidence of the transition between dynamical and kinematical diffraction regimes. A direct observation of the implanted region by transmission electron microscopy revealed an amorphous Si layer, which recrystallizes into a heavily twinned and faulted microstructure after thermal treatment at 800 degrees C. Besides the lattice damages, the annealing induces the formation of Xe bubbles. Both singularly affect the XRMD pattern, primarily the fourfold streaks profile of the (000)(002)(1 (1) over bar(1) over bar)(1 (1) over bar3) four-beam simultaneous case when compared with the pristine Si pattern, highlighting the intra-and inter-block diffractions and the role played by the primary extinction effect. Such features provide information on the dominant diffraction regime. The findings are also discussed and compared to the conventional reciprocal space mappings via the asymmetric Si(113) reflection. Published by AIP Publishing.
Editor: Amer Inst Physics
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1063/1.4963791
Date Issue: 2016
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