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Type: Artigo
Title: Development And Feasibility Of Emulsion Breaking Method For The Extraction Of Cadmium From Omega-3 Dietary Supplements And Determination By Flow Injection Ts-ff-aas
Author: Corazza
Marcela Zanetti; Teixeira Tarley
Cesar Ricardo
Abstract: In the present study a new method for the determination of Cd2+ in omega-3 dietary supplement employing extraction induced by emulsion breaking (EIEB) and thermospray flame furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (TS-FF-AAS) was described. The method was based on the formation of a water-in-oil emulsion by the addition of extractor solution constituted by 3.54% (m/v) Triton X-114 and 1.16 mol L-1 HNO3 in the oil sample and further breaking of this emulsion by heating. Two well-defined phases were formed and the acid aqueous one containing the extracted cadmium ions was analyzed by TS-FF-AAS using a flow injection system. Different parameters that exert influence on the extraction efficiency of Cd2+ were optimized by means of chemometric tools. The limits of detection and quantification were found to be 2.5 and 83 ng g(-1) respectively using a calibration curve made in aqueous medium. The accuracy of the proposed method was assured by good agreement with the results achieved by microwave-assisted acid digestion procedure without statistical differences (confidence interval of 95%) and by spiking the samples with known concentrations of 50 ng g(-1) Cd2+. The content of Cd2+ in the samples was varied from 37.3 up to 54.5 ng g(-1). (C) 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Subject: Fish Oil
Factorial Design
Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Editor: Elsevier Science BV
Citation: Microchemicai Journal. Elsevier Science Bv, v. 127, p. 145 - 151, 2016.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.microc.2016.02.021
Date Issue: 2016
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