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Type: Artigo
Title: Heterospecific Pollen Deposition Among Plants Sharing Hummingbird Pollinators In The Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Author: Fonseca
Lorena Coutinho Nery da; Rech
André Rodrigo; Bergamo
Pedro Joaquim; Gonçalves-Esteves
Vania; Sazima
Abstract: Hummingbirds are the most important group of pollinating birds in the Neotropics and tend to use, concomitantly, more than one plant species as food source. Pollen may be mixed on hummingbirds' body due to the visits to different plant species; therefore, these birds may promote heterospecific pollen deposition (HPD). The hummingbirds potential to promote HPD, the occurrence of HPD and its implications in plant reproduction are scarcely known in the Atlantic Forest. We have studied the transport of pollen by three hummingbird species from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. We have also checked the actual HPD occurrence under natural conditions in two plant species, namely Canistropsis seidelii and Psychotria nuda. Moreover, we investigated Nidularium innocentii reproductive system evaluating the effect of HPD on its reproduction by simulating a pollen mixture pollination. We found hummingbirds transporting heterospecific pollen mixtures on their bodies, which in turn were deposited onto stigmas of different species. We have also found that mixed pollen deposition had negative effect on the fitness of N. innocentii. We conclude that hummingbirds carry pollen mixtures at the same body parts, leading to potential HPD at the community level. Moreover, hummingbird-plant communities in the Atlantic Rainforest show remarkable similarities in temporal organization and interaction pattern. This suggests that HPD may be a widespread phenomena in these communities.
Subject: Competition For Pollination
Fruit/seed Set
Pollen Placement
Pollen Load
Pollinator Sharing
Reproductive Success
Competição Pela Polinização
Produção De Frutos/sementes
Deposição De Pólen
Carga Polínica
Compartilhamento De Polinizadores
Sucesso Reprodutivo
Editor: Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro
Citation: Rodriguésia . Instituto De Pesquisas Jardim Botânico Do Rio De Janeiro, v. 67, n. 2, p. 335 - 345
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2016
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