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Type: Artigo
Title: Assessment Of The Impact Of Changes In Temperature In Biomphalaria Glabrata (say, 1818) Melanic And Albino Variants Infected With Schistosoma Mansoni (sambon, 1907)
Title Alternative: Avaliação De Impacto De Alterações Na Temperatura Em Biomphalaria Glabrata Variantes Melânica E Albina Infectadas Com Schistosoma Mansoni
Author: Camargo
E. A. F.; Camargo
J. T. F.; Neves
M. F.; Simões
L. F.; Bastos
L. A. D.; Magalhães
L. A.; Zanotti-Magalhães
E. M.
Abstract: Fluctuations in population density of planorbid hosts of S. mansoni are influenced by climatic factors. The knowledge about interference from changes in water temperature in these populations is an important aspect of the epidemiology of schistosomiasis. In this experiment, it is explored the influence of different temperatures on the development of Schistosoma mansoni in Biomphalaria glabrata melanic and albino variants. The results indicated an intrinsic relationship between temperature and development of the parasite in the intramollusc phase, independent of the pigmentation of the mantle of the molluscs. The higher the temperature, the shorter the period necessary for the development of the parasite was while the higher the mortality of infected mollusks. It is concluded that, in the presence of climate change, the increasement of temperature in cold and flooded regions may encourage the establishment of new foci of transmission of schistosomiasis by changing the geographic extent and extending the epidemiological transmission potential. In warm climates, higher temperatures, however, could compromise the transmission of the disease because of biological stress suffered by parasite and host. Under these conditions, it can result in the death of the parasite or a change in their ability to infect new host species of molluscs in new areas. Mantle pigmentation patterns in molluscs have not shown significant interference in the development of the parasite.
Subject: Schistosomiasis
Climate Change
Alteração Climática
Editor: Instituto Internacional de Ecologia
Citation: Brazilian Journal Of Biology. Instituto Internacional De Ecologia, v. 77, n. 3, p.
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2016
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