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Type: Artigo
Title: 2nd Brazilian Consensus On Chagas Disease
Author: Dias
João Carlos Pinto; Ramos Jr.
Alberto Novaes; Gontijo
Eliane Dias; Luquetti
Alejandro; Shikanai-Yasuda
Maria Aparecida; Coura
José Rodrigues; Torres
Rosália Morais; Melo
José Renan da Cunha; Almeida
Eros Antonio de; Oliveira Jr.
Wilson de; Silveira
Antônio Carlos; Rezende
Joffre Marcondes de; Pinto
Fabiane Scalabrini; Ferreira
Antonio Walter; Rassi
Anis; Fragata Filho
Abílio Augusto; Sousa
Andréa Silvestre de; Correia
Dalmo; Jansen
Ana Maria; Andrade
Glaucia Manzan Queiroz; Britto
Constança Felícia De Paoli de Carvalho; Pinto
Ana Yecê das Neves; Rassi Jr.
Anis; Campos
Dayse Elisabeth; Abad-Franch
Fernando; Santos
Silvana Eloi; Chiari
Egler; Hasslocher-Moreno
Alejandro Marcel; Moreira
Eliane Furtado; Marques
Divina Seila de Oliveira; Silva
Eliane Lages; Marin-Neto
José Antonio; Galvão
Lúcia Maria da Cunha; Xavier
Sergio Salles; Valente
Sebastião Aldo da Silva; Carvalho
Noêmia Barbosa; Cardoso
Alessandra Viana; Silva
Rafaella Albuquerque e; Costa
Veruska Maia da; Vivaldini
Simone Monzani; Oliveira
Suelene Mamede; Valente
Vera da Costa; Lima
Mayara Maia; Alves
Renato Vieira
Abstract: Chagas disease is a neglected chronic condition with a high burden of morbidity and mortality. It has considerable psychological, social, and economic impacts. The disease represents a significant public health issue in Brazil, with different regional patterns. This document presents the evidence that resulted in the Brazilian Consensus on Chagas Disease. The objective was to review and standardize strategies for diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control of Chagas disease in the country, based on the available scientific evidence. The consensus is based on the articulation and strategic contribution of renowned Brazilian experts with knowledge and experience on various aspects of the disease. It is the result of a close collaboration between the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine and the Ministry of Health. It is hoped that this document will strengthen the development of integrated actions against Chagas disease in the country, focusing on epidemiology, management, comprehensive care (including families and communities), communication, information, education, and research .
Subject: Chagas Disease
Health Care
Editor: Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical - SBMT
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2016
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