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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Catalyst-free Synthesis Of A Three-dimensional Nanoworm-like Gallium Oxide-graphene Nanosheet Hybrid Structure With Enhanced Optical Properties
Author: Kumar
R; Dubey
PK; Singh
RK; Vaz
AR; Moshkalev
Abstract: We here report the synthesis and growth of catalyst-free three-dimensional beta-gallium oxide nanoworm-like nanostructures on graphene nanosheets (3D beta-Ga2O3@GNSs) using a solid mixture of graphite oxide and gallium acetylacetonate by the microwave (MW)-assisted method for the first time. The MW-assisted synthesis of the 3D beta-Ga2O3@GNSs hybrids contains 1D semiconducting beta-Ga2O3 nanoworms (NWs) and 2D highly conducting graphene nanosheets (GNSs) materials. The beta-Ga2O3 NWs have an average diameter of 200 nm and lengths of up to similar to 1 mu m grown on the GNSs. These 3D beta-Ga2O3@GNSs hybrids have been synthesized in a very short time with scalable amounts. The controlling parameters such as MW irradiation time and power were found to greatly influence the structural morphology of the assynthesized 3D beta-Ga2O3@GNSs hybrid. This method for the synthesis of 3D beta-Ga2O3@GNSs hybrids is imperative due to it allowing excellent control over experimental parameters, being low cost and having better reproducibility. Also, the catalyst-free MW-assisted method is a much more rapid and thus higher throughput alternative for effective and scalable growth over the conventional heating method. The crystallinity, structure, morphology, and optical analysis of the 3D beta-Ga2O3@GNSs hybrids are carried out utilizing several techniques. The formation of the 3D beta-Ga2O3@GNSs hybrids shows a band gap variation from 4.94 to 4.48 eV associated with the structural evolution. A suitable growth mechanism has been suggested for the formation of these 3D beta-Ga2O3@GNSs hybrids.
Citation: Rsc Advances. ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, n. 6, n. 21, p. 17669 - 17677.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1039/c5ra24577j
Date Issue: 2016
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