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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Rna Sequencing Reveals Region-specific Molecular Mechanisms Associated With Epileptogenesis In A Model Of Classical Hippocampal Sclerosis
Author: Vieira
AS; de Matos
AH; do Canto
AM; Rocha
CS; Carvalho
BS; Pascoal
VDB; Norwood
B; Bauer
S; Rosenow
F; Gilioli
R; Cendes
F; Lopes-Cendes
Abstract: We report here the first complete transcriptome analysis of the dorsal (dDG) and ventral dentate gyrus (vDG) of a rat epilepsy model presenting a hippocampal lesion with a strict resemblance to classical hippocampal sclerosis (HS). We collected the dDG and vDG by laser microdissection 15 days after electrical stimulation and performed high-throughput RNA-sequencing. There were many differentially regulated genes, some of which were specific to either of the two sub-regions in stimulated animals. Gene ontology analysis indicated an enrichment of inflammation-related processes in both subregions and of axonal guidance and calcium signaling processes exclusively in the vDG. There was also a differential regulation of genes encoding molecules involved in synaptic function, neural electrical activity and neuropeptides in stimulated rats. The data presented here suggests, in the time point analyzed, a remarkable interaction among several molecular components which takes place in the damaged hippocampi. Furthermore, even though similar mechanisms may function in different regions of the DG, the molecular components involved seem to be region specific.
Subject: Temporal-lobe Epilepsy
Induced Status Epilepticus
Pilocarpine Model
Rat Hippocampus
Clinicopathological Classification
Gaba(a) Receptor
Awake Rats
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1038/srep22416
Date Issue: 2016
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