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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Cooling Thermal Parameters, Microstructural Spacing And Mechanical Properties In A Directionally Solidified Hypereutectic Al-si Alloy
Author: Reyes
RV; Kakitani
R; Costa
TA; Spinelli
JE; Cheung
N; Garcia
Abstract: Transient directional solidification experiments have been carried out with an Al-15wt. %Si alloy under cooling rates (" xlink:href="tphl_a_1192297_ilm0001.gif") from 0.2 to 54K/s. A mixture of globular and fibre-like Si particles within the eutectic is shown to occur for cooling rates (" xlink:href="tphl_a_1192297_ilm0002.gif")>9K/s. The presence of refined globular Si particles arranging the microstructure either as primary particles or within the eutectic mixture seems to contribute for a combination of high tensile strength (sigma(u)) and elongation (). It is shown by correlations between eutectic () and secondary dendrite ((2)) spacings and sigma(u) and , given by Hall-Petch type formulae that the tensile properties increase significantly with the decrease in these spacings. However, it is shown that for higher ranges of spacings, i.e.: (-1/2)<0.65 and (-1/2)(2)<0.18, both tensile strength and elongation remain unaltered.
Subject: Solidification
Cooling Thermal Parameters
Mechanical Properties
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1080/09500839.2016.1192297
Date Issue: 2016
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