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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Effects Of Soil Water Availability On Foliar Water Uptake Of Araucaria Angustifolia
Author: Cassana
FF; Eller
CB; Oliveira
RS; Dillenburg
Abstract: Foliar water uptake has been reported for different species, including conifers living in drought-prone environments. We conducted three experiments to determine whether leaves might absorb mist water and how this affects the water relations of well-watered and water-stressed young plants of Araucaria angustifolia. Three independent experiments were conducted using well-watered and water-stressed plants: immersion of shoot in water for the quantification of water uptake, the short-term exposure of plants to deuterium-enriched artificial mist, followed by the evaluation of plant water status and delta H-2 of xylem and soil water, and the use of the heat ratio method to measure the sap flow in saplings submitted to artificial mist. Foliar water uptake was demonstrated in both groups of plants, but only water-stressed plants showed a significant improvement of shoot water status. Isotope analyses indicated release of mist water in water-stressed plants rhizosphere's, and measurements of sap flow pointed to flow reversals in saplings exposed to mist, after a soil drought period. The results confirm the capacity of A. angustifolia for absorbing water deposited in its leaves and demonstrate that leaf-absorbed water can be transported through the xylem to the soil close to the roots and improve plant water status.
Subject: Brazilian Pine
Isotopic Analyses
Reverse Sap Flow
Water Relations
Hydraulic Redistribution
Citation: Plant And Soil. SPRINGER, n. 399, n. 1, p. 147 - 157.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s11104-015-2685-0
Date Issue: 2016
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