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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Atherogenic lipid profile of Brazilian near-term newborns
Author: Pardo, I.M.C.G.
Geloneze, B.
Tambascia, M.A.
Barros-Filho, A.A.
Abstract: Cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of death in Brazil. Recent studies have shown that low birth weight and preterm birth are linked to a higher prevalence of cardiovascular disease. The aim of the present study was to compare the levels of lipids and apolipoproteins and atherogenic indexes between term and near-term newborn infants. A sample of umbilical cord blood was obtained from 135 newborns (66 males) divided into two groups: 25 near-term neonates (35-36.6 weeks of gestational age) and 110 term neonates (37-42 weeks of gestational age). The total cholesterol concentrations were higher in the near-term neonates than in the term group (94.04 ± 8.02 vs 70.42 ± 1.63 mg/dl, P < 0.01), due to an increase in the LDL-cholesterol fraction in the near-term group (57.76 ± 6.39 vs 34.38 ± 1.29 mg/dl, P < 0.001). The atherogenic indexes (total cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol and apolipoprotein B/apolipoprotein A-I) were higher in the near-term group (P < 0.001, P < 0.001, and P < 0.05, respectively). The gestational age of the newborns was inversely correlated with total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol, and also with the total cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol indexes. These findings demonstrate that the lipid profile is worse in the group of near-term neonates compared with the term group. Future studies are needed to determine if this atherogenic profile in near-term neonates can affect body metabolism, increasing the risk for cardiovascular diseases in adult life.
Subject: Lipids
Cord blood
Cardiovascular disease
Editor: Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2005000500013
Date Issue: 1-May-2005
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